Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate’s

Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate Development Company (DAAR) – Saudi Arabia’s largest construction company, founded in 1994. Dar Al-Arkan Company is engaged in the acquisition, design, construction of buildings.

Saudi company Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate was established in 1994 and is the largest developer in the kingdom. The capital of the company in 2004 amounted to USD 37 million.

The head office of the company is located in Riyadh.

The field of activity of Dar Al-Arkan Real is versatile. The company is engaged in the construction, design of buildings, and reconstruction of old premises.

The country’s economy requires large-scale construction of housing and office space.

In 2004, Dar Al-Arkan listed on Tadawul. Because of the placement of securities on the stock exchange, Dar Al-Arkan Real increased its capital to USD 1.4 billion.

In 2005, Dar Al-Arkan, the company had five large shareholders; they were forbidden to sell or transfer their shares to anyone outside for not more than two years.

The exception was other shareholders of Dar Al-Arkan. All financial transactions related to Dar Al-Arkan, Real Estate securities, must be conducted exclusively based on the Saudi stock exchange.

Success Dynamics of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate

The founding shareholders of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate own 81% of the shares.

The capital of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate in 2016 grew to USD 6.5 billion. Dar Al-Arkan’s net worth was estimated at 18.1 billion riyals or USD 4.8 billion.
Total revenue of Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate – 1, 8 billion riyals or USD 0, 48 billion.

Dar Al-Arkan Real has seven large branches located in Saudi Arabia itself and beyond. The employees of the Company’s offices are more than 300 people.

Famous construction sites of Dar Al-Arkan Real

The most ambitious construction projects of Dar Al-Arkan Real are the Ishbiliyah complex, consisting of 420 villas, the Al Yarmouk complex, with an area of 409,775 square meters, consisting of 389 residential buildings. The cost of building Al Yarmouk cost 110,500 riyals.

The famous Al Muncia complex, located in the east of Riyadh, has 259 residential buildings. Construction work cost 127.7 million riyals.

Al Murjan, located in Yanbu, near the sea, consists of 95 buildings. The construction of the architectural complex cost 52,100,000 riyals.

The architectural complex of Al Aziziya Towers, built-in Mecca near the Holy Mosque, consists of seven towers. Each Al Aziziya Towers tower is 14 stories high. The construction of the Al Aziziya complex cost 174,730,000 riyals.

An equally impressive Al Abrar Towers project, consisting of eight towers. The project cost is 97,890,000 riyals.

Al-Nur Villas complex contains a mosque and square. The construction of Al-Nur Villas cost 44, 600, 000 riyals.

Al-Shati Al-Zahabi or the “Golden Coast,” built near the airport in Jeddah, includes a complex of 398 residential buildings, shopping centers, schools, public gardens. The price of the project – 211.5 million riyals.

Al Qasr Mall is located in Riyadh and includes a four-story shopping center, which houses 350 shops, many restaurants, an entertainment area, and large outdoor areas.

The shopping center has four panoramic elevators, 28 escalators, eight electric tracks, and 14 elevators connecting all levels of the shopping center.

Building Architects Dar Al-Arkan

The architects of the Dar Al-Arkan projects are not just Saudis. Foreign artists and architects are invited to work on the construction.

Italian artist Roberto Cavalli designed an architectural project for Dar Al-Arkan Real outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The architectural complex “I Love Florence Tower” was built in Dubai. It offers apartments spread over 38 floors. In addition to luxury apartments, shopping attractions will be placed in the Florence Tower of Cavalli. The cost of the project cost the creators of USD 2.18 million.

How to become a shareholder of Dar Al-Arkan Real

Dar Al-Arkan has placed the 30% stake in its construction subsidiary on the Tadawul Stock Exchange. Dar Al-Arkan plans to increase profits and dividends for retail shareholders.

In early August 2019, Dar Al-Arkan Real’s shares were trading at 11.48 riyals. You can purchase Dar Al-Arkan Real’s shares; it is enough to start Trading with tradeallcrypto.bz., selecting Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate’s instruments.

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